Saturday, March 19, 2011

New JOB...New PEOPLE...nothing new then...

It's feel like ages I haven't update on my blog.(It has been ages in same ways...)Guess what? I have been super busy..super duper busy actually.The moment I reach home I would be pyjamaed with a book in my hand dozing off within 15 minutes of reading. Jumping out of the bed exactly before 7am somehow become a routine for the past month. I'm the girl who USED TO wake up at 9am, took the lrt to work at 930am and was at my work station by 10am. Now, everything is topsy turvy. I've been running breathlessly every morning so I wouldn't miss my 9am E1 bus from Pasar Seni and cooling my heels unsuccessfully at the Cyberjaya bus stop for my public bus ride back home. Yeah!You heard it right!I now work at Cyberjaya. One place I thought I would never set my foot on; leaving my leisure working time and space in KL. Never say never, I guess.

I have little time to spent with my friends anymore. Everything now depends on people around the other side of the world to make sure I leave work on time(most of time I don't leave on time!!). I have been missing a lot of my normal routines of movies and hangouts. I'm still trying to juggle and adjust to my new work and environment. I'm even contemplating on getting a car.(which everyone knows I won't in the end because I hate driving as much as I hate squids). 

my quirky colleagues aka debit team =P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interlok...I'm not picking a side.

Interlok. Many has commented the novel and the derogatory terms used in it before even getting hold of the book. That just shows how fast people can jump into conclusion or follow the pack.

If anyone had read the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,one of Mark Twain's classic novel published in 1884,  the word 'nigger' was used throughout the book. It took around 129 years, before someone found the word was derogatory to the Black American community.
If you realised the same goes to the book Interlok, written by Abdullah Hussain published in 1971, it took 39 years for some to realise derogatory terms used to demean Indians.
The novel actually has four segments with first three written on Malays,Chinese and Indians and the final chapter is how the fates of Seman,Ching Huat and Maniam are intertwined with the nation's, hence Interlok.

If the novel was never introduced as a component for SPM Malay literature, I would dare say another 100 years would have gone by before someone actually realised the derogatory terms used. Now its in the mainstream, every Tom and Dick in the country is choosing sides to either defend the book or criticize it. (also the book burning fiasco which for me is quite barbaric. As educated individuals there are many ways of channeling your dissatisfaction or turning the attention to your plight but by not burning books that symbolizes 'Saraswathy, the goddess of education' to Hindus).

We have seen controversial debates by all corners;The writers,the Ngos, the government,the oppositions and the opportunists.  I would say it was more like playing the game of chicken to see who will flinch first. Threats and ultimatums only met by further threats and ultimatums which till now led to no where.

One could be wondering what are the gains and lost from the book being kept on or pulled out as a literary component. All I can see is that the book was politicized to a level where the reaction to and by Indian community is not addressed even minuscule.
Was it even about the word 'pariah' used twice in the book? Along the mountains of debates, the root of the problem was left unanswered.

I will not be taking sides because for me the whole 'drama' is filled with hypocrisies. Interlok arguments for me are selective arguments.

For instance,the freedom of speech argument,certain word should not be censored and removed  simply because it will offend others feelings. Would the same be said about the ruling coalition tendency to ban books that they deem challenging authority? I guess the answer will be NO.
We only use the freedom of speech when it suits us but turn a blind eye when it favours the sensibilities and sensitivity of one group over another regardless of the race.

The argument regarding the age old statement, Chinese and Indians are immigrants to this land. Yes, our ancestors migrated  to Tanah Melayu for a better future. British brought us here. But that was my great grandfather who sailed from India. How can such statement be used on me or my generation? I'm a Malaysian by birth. This is my motherland. One can argue that Interlok is emphasizing Indian and Chinese are immigrants and this is not our country. Interlok was written with the background of pre-independence where the Chinese and Indians were  immigrants. I hope people do not use such statement out of context for they own benefit.

As I said, I'm not picking sides here. Maybe we are not matures enough as a society to debate a sensitive issue on a neutral ground. Interlok should be removed from the syllabus if it's going to be more than a literary component to many. But, it will not end here, because we are not gullible to believe that Interlok is the real problem instead of we as a society is.

(Please read the Malayan Trilogy by Anthony Burgess because it makes mickey out of all three races if you can get hold of the book in Malaysia bookstores =P...guess they will make it as a English literature component??)

Friday, December 31, 2010

2011...Yippie another wondrous year waiting to be welcomed =)

After 21 years, we finally won in a football final, after 14 years we beat the Indonesian,after so long we can say Malaysia Boleh! out of sheer happiness and joy that the nation shares at the moment. Its not your everyday feat and not everyday the Prime Minister actually declares its a public holiday(Jiggling while going Yippie!Yabadaba doooooo!!!). What a way to close the curtains on 2010. With a BANG babey!!

I plan to close it with big hug, plenty of kisses to the great adventures and memories laid upon my way throughout 2010 but in a quite celebration on my own and my family.

This New Year's eve, I'm going to sit on the couch wearing my pajamas, watch all my favourites on the TV with a big bucket of ice-cream (last of my guilty pleasures for the year before my resolutions sets in =P).

So behold world, below are my resolution for the year 2011: (only 9 unless anyone can prove resolutions should come in 10s)
1. Travel to a foreign country of choice and learn about the culture and people - eyes on a place for 2011
2. Save more; spend less so I can spend them on my holidays.
3. Seriously consider a clear career path..set a goal ; get promoted (which means I going to get serious....)
4. Learn cooking/baking - some sort of thing to do in the kitchen minus burning it down
5. Live healthy which means join the gym..No chocolate Junk food!! (Occasional relapses are fine =P)
6. Take up a new interest and stick with it for the whole year.(Yet to be figured out)
7. Holiday on a island. (A must in all my yearly resolutions..I'm turning into a holiday junkie)
8. Read one book every month.
9. Don't stop believing that everything happens for a good reason and everyone (mostly everyone) are good in their own way. Not to lose the optimistic view on life and the choices are always black and white.