Saturday, July 10, 2010

possible to miss someone you don't even know.

Yes. Or apparently it is possible for me. And I am missing someone for no reason at all. Blame it on the feeling overdose I got for one day. Watching not one but two love stories in one day both unique in their own way and both affecting what I'm feeling now. (Errr...banging my head on my wall)...and listening to emotional melodic love songs whole night didn't help much other....uwahhh!Me finally might cross the border between being plain eccentric and plain crazy....=,="....

How it is possible?How it is possible?Erkah!Im crushing on someone that can be deemed inappropriate. T,T.
And I am pretty sure I don't want to sit around mopping over matter of hearts. Living like hanging on a string. I don't need a crush now. Or I want now...I don't know...So classic move :


Miss Ayu said...

it's nature dear...yang penting...pepandai la jaga perasaan tu ;)
all da best ;)

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